Exploring Investor CRM in 2022

Investor CRM in 2022

Exploring Investor CRM in 2022

Managing relationships between investors and startups with excel spreadsheets is a long-outdated procedure. They have been replaced with more comprehensive relationship management solutions meant to handle the fundraising process. Notwithstanding, when it comes to customer relationship management systems (CRMs) for investor interactions, many professionals are unsure of what they require.
Investors that have a system in place to gather portfolio and investment data will be able to focus their efforts on what matters most – assisting existing founders and identifying new investment opportunities.
Without a doubt, a customer relationship management (CRM) platform for venture capital is a critical component of any investor relationship management strategy. While each relationship is unique, one constant element is the requirement for relationship management tools.

Uncovering Investor CRM

Investor relationship management software operates similarly to a standard CRM, but is purpose-built for the financial services industry. Many professionals resort to the same CRMs that their customer-facing teams use, only to be slowed down by irrelevant widgets and limited industry-specific capabilities.
What they really need is a CRM that is specially developed with the investor and fundraising process in mind. The most significant advantages of using specialized investor CRM software are better access to vital data, improved business continuity, time savings, and regulatory compliance.
  • These solutions are designed to streamline communication between investors, current portfolios, and potential new startups.
  • Certain investor relationship management software packages include targeting and surveillance technologies that mine market data to generate lists of possible new startups to target.
  • Investor connection management software may also offer investor reporting and analytics capabilities and is thus classified as part of the broader investor relations software category.
  • In contrast to a normal, non-industry specialized CRM, an investor relations CRM should be able to store information about organizations, contacts, transactions, and holdings.

Benefits of Investor CRM

To comprehend the relevance of Investor CRM in the investing process, we will explore the main benefits provided by these features


Already, the CRM software serves as a single store for all of the critical business transaction data and supports the high-volume, relationship-driven nature of investing. With the data in hand, investors can simply demonstrate:

  1. The current size of the investor transaction pipeline
  2. The status of ongoing transactions
  3. The anticipated results of the current funnel

Strengthening relationships

Additionally, investor relations management solutions provide an active approach to strengthening relationships with potential startups. With built-in reminders, investors may establish a regular rhythm for following up on earlier interactions, therefore maintaining a warm relationship.

Actionable Insights

When a CRM is designed expressly for investors, it contains unique features that deliver actionable information from the very first day of usage. The data should be used to guide choices on investor targeting and outreach, and it should be automatically adjusted to the company's specific qualities. It should also give the enterprises information about the health and trends of the shareholder base, as well as those of the business competitors and the industry as a whole.

Expressing value

Analytics dashboards enable the straightforward presentation of current and historical transaction data. This way, investors can demonstrate to existing investors that the team can stick to a strategy and accomplish investment objectives, enhancing the possibility of turning the lead into an investor in their fund.

Leveraging Valuation

Given the lengthy incubation and extended runaway period required for most startups to achieve profitable maturity, investors must ensure that any valuation they accept justifies the time, effort, risk, and ownership they will assume and the risk of dilution if things do not go according to plan.

More Proactivity

In a fast-paced industry where capital investment and customer retention are highly competitive, it is crucial to establish credibility, trust, and rapport. Businesses that excel in customer service and outreach can safeguard their assets even during economic downturns. Proactive managers now have extra obligations for nurturing investor connections, boosting their marketing image, and establishing investor confidence via transparent methods.

Overview of the startup’s potential

Specific figures must be derived from valuation methods to establish the quantity of necessary funding or to determine how much to sell the business for while still earning a profit. Hence, these clear numbers represent a very important aspect for investors to consider when they assess the startup's potential.

Leverage the best valuation tools

Businesses that have a demonstrated value represent more viable opportunities for investors, as this provides a comprehensive overview of the various aspects of the business. Startup Falcon valuation exercise's conclusion will aid startups in validating and appreciating their strengths and weaknesses.

Examples of Investor CRMs

Moving forward, the features of some popular investor CRMs will be discussed, aiming to uncover their potential for enterprises.

1. Attio

It is possible to optimize productivity, front office operations, and investment success with Attio’s CRM application, which offers:

  • Connect all of your email accounts to Attio and utilize the collective intelligence of your whole network to uncover new possibilities and evaluate current ones.
  • Automatically enrich your records with website, location, and industry data as soon as they are created, removing the need for tiresome human data input.
  • › versatile Kanban and Table tools let you keep track of the data that matters most to your team.
  • Permissions may be adjusted for your whole team, allowing you to manage how they interact with your collections, views, and emails.
  • With the Deal Flow, it is possible to design a personalized pipeline that’ll help investors explore intriguing prospects and concentrate on specifics while never losing sight of the broader picture.
  • Maintain your team on the same page by automatically combining duplicate entries into a single profile.

2. Visible

With Visible, investors can uncover portfolio data to manage investments and make smart capital allocation choices.:

  • Metrics on financial, operational, and effect are collected and analyzed.
  • Keep track of any comments or observations on the reporting or performance of the business.
  • Track the performance of your portfolio and company.
  • Back up files supplied by businesses or your team.
  • Create and save shared tear sheets, dashboards, and lead generation reports
  • Get best-in-class updates from your portfolio companies as they make use of our founder-centric solutions.
  • For six months, any of their programs are discounted by 90% for your portfolio firms.
  • Make use of Visible-hosted seminars to help your entrepreneur enhance his or her investor reporting and metric monitoring.
  • Verify your Connect Profile to generate a more qualified deal flow.

3. LeadLoft

LeadLoft's database contains more than 100,000 of the world's most seasoned investors, leveraging the following features:

  • Conduct leads via a step-by-step outreach process that management designs and BDRs implements.
  • With communication monitoring, keep track of which offers are new and which need to be re-engaged.
  • Save emails straight from LinkedIn and easily generate new leads with a single click.
  • Each email is checked to guarantee that your team is working with high-quality data and that emails are sent to the principal mailbox.
  • Easily monitor agreements and guarantee that none fall through the cracks.

4. Floww

Floww is a robust data-centric network that connects entrepreneurs to hundreds of venture capitalists and investors. that connects venture capitalists and investors to entrepreneurs.

  • Monitoring portfolio performance and comparing key performance indicators across several investments
  • Startups are highlighted so that investors that satisfy their fundraising requirements may be readily identified
  • Obtaining correct KPIs measures for incorporation
  • Identifying opportunities depending on their financing stage, industry, or area

5. 4Degrees

4Degrees enables deal-driven teams to handle relationships intelligently by automatically tracking connections and transactions with actionable information to assist businesses and investors in moving ahead.

  • From pitch to closure, track progress and manage your pipeline in a single view, with the option to dive down and examine all the facts associated with each transaction in real-time.
  • You can automate the data input process by enhancing contact and business records with meaningful, high-quality third-party data.
  • Identify industry and functional expertise within your network who can assist you in evaluating transaction prospects.
  • Easily examine analytics with configurable dashboards and prepare reports for Monday meetings to determine your top sourcing activities, pipeline performance, and portfolio company monitoring.
  • Leverage your own and your team's networks to get warm introductions to talent, clients, business development partners, and potential investors.
  • Maintain contact with acquirers, venture capital funds, and your corporate network - with recurrent reminders and proposed relationship touchpoints, you will always be aware of when to contact stakeholders.

6. Affinity

Affinity aims to develop the most sophisticated, high-throughput infrastructure for synchronizing and comprehending data from communication streams and third-party sources.

  • Automate contact and company profiles from inbox and calendar data
  • Establish a connection based on relationship scores derived from real-world interactions.
  • Save up to 180 hours per year to dedicate towards meeting contacts and deal-making
  • Pipeline management for sophisticated, long-term deal-making with a familiar spreadsheet or Kanban-style view of deals from pitch to close
  • Simplify deal management with one-click updates
  • Capture the status of each interaction to keep track of deals
  • Share pipeline data and deep analytics to enhance operations
  • Unify your team’s collective network in one place automatically
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