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Valuation Methodology
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3 Valuation Scenarios
3 PDF Reports
Startup Summary
4 Valuation Methods
Valuation Methodology
Methods Breakdown
Industry Statistics
Country Statistics
5 Valuation Scenarios
5 PDF Reports
Startup Summary
4 Valuation Methods
Valuation Methodology
Methods Breakdown
Industry Statistics
Country Statistics
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What is Startup Falcon?

Startup Falcon is a tool designed to help early-stage startups, incubators and accelerators discover the worth (valuation) of a new startup before its first round of funding. to arrive at a startup’s valuation our tool analyses the data you input about your startup, quantifies your qualitative variables, and compares your metrics against those of your industry and country standards, finally arriving at a valuation report that entrepreneurs, incubators and accelerators can use with confidence.

Who should use this tool?

This tool is built with the needs of entrepreneurs, incubators, and accelerators in mind. The tool is most suited for founders/entrepreneurs who are about to start seeking their first round of funding. Also for incubators and accelerators that need to valuate multiple startups simultaneously, are seeking more accurate estimates, and need comparative industry and country statistics which are available through our platform.

When should the tool be used?

Our valuation tool is perfect for startups in their early stages. To be more precise, Startup Falcon experts recommend using our online tool to evaluate startups at their idea and MVP (minimum viable product) stages as well as the first period of startup launching and most preferably before getting the first round of funding (while seeking seed-fund).

Is qualitative valuation applicable on all startup stages?

The qualitative valuation methods that we relied on in building our tool are most suited for startups at their early stages of development. Given that these startups do not have historical financial data, then traditional (quantitative) valuation methods are not applicable in their cases. Thus we provide the most appropriate valuation methods for early stage startups in order to arrive at the most accurate estimate of the startup’s valuation. However Mature startups can benefit from our industry and country stats which can help with their startup valuations.

Will this tool help me evaluate my active startup?

Yes. Our valuation tool provides detailed industry and country statistics that might significantly help you valuate startups in later stages of their life cycle. However, it is suggested to apply quantitative methods when evaluating a running startup with historical financial data.

How accurate is Startup Falcon’s pre-money valuation report?

Our tool is built based on globally recognized valuation methodologies. Through filling the specialized form, you provide us with data about the qualitative aspects of your start up, this data is then processed and expressed in numerical values, which are then compared against your industry and country metrics, finally arriving at the most accurate estimation of your startup’s valuation.

Will my data be protected?

Privacy is one of our highest held values at Startup Falcon. We use the world’s best technologies to keep your data fully protected. Your personal pre-money valuation input will not be shared with third parties. For more information please visit our Privacy Policy page.

What is the methodology backing up our valuation processes?

Our valuation process is based on the four valuation methods that are most used by investors and experts worldwide and these are: Step-up Method, Risk Mitigation Method, Checklist Method and Scorecard Method. Check our detailed methodology section to get more information on each of these methods.

What are valuation scenarios, and what are they used for?

Each valuation that you run is called a valuation scenario. Please keep in mind that even if you change only one answer and submit the form, it will be considered as a new valuation scenario. Each plan offers a different number of valuation scenarios. Check out our plans here: LINK

What to do if valuation scenarios run out before the expiration of the subscription?

If you have used up all of your valuation scenarios, you can always update your subscription in order to run more valuation scenarios. Please note that in this case a new billing cycle will start.

What features does the free plan include?

Our free plan will give you access to two valuation scenarios. If you need more scenarios, or if you are looking for more detailed results and reports, then our premium account is your ultimate go-to! There you will have access to all of our premium advantages, including methods breakdown, and market statistics, all downloadable as PDF reports to support your startup valuation.

Can I cancel my subscription?

While it would be a pity to see you go, but yes, you can cancel your subscription anytime through your personal account settings. No worries - you will be able to access all of your valuation reports until the subscription cycle ends.
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How long will it take to complete the specialized form?

On average it takes our users between 15 to 20 minutes to complete our specialized form.

What information will be in the PDF report?

Our PDF valuation report includes a qualitative summary of your startup, your valuation details broken down to each valuation method, and visual representations which clarify your valuation, in addition to country and industry statistics. Helping you in negotiations with potential investors and shareholders.

How many valuation reports will be available to me?

You will be able to download our detailed PDF reports every time you run a new valuation scenario. Your previous valuation reports will always be accessible and downloadable through your personal account.

Is it allowed to use your valuation report for tax purposes?

Our valuation report is of a qualitative character, and therefore cannot be used for tax purposes. We would strongly recommend you to consult your accountant on this matter in order to avoid any tax issues.

What is the methods breakdown section in your report?

Methods breakdown is one of the crucial sections of our valuation report. It indicates the valuation methods we applied when assessing your startup as well as your valuation score according to each method. This information will definitely help you valuate your startup in a more accurate and reliable manner so that you can make right strategic decisions in the future.
statistical data

What market statistics can you access through Startup Falcon?

Our AI engine gathers and analyzes the count and ranges of previous pre-money valuations of different startups in a specific country and industry. Country and industry statistics can be easily accessed through your premium account, you can access this data without having to fill the specialized valuation form.

How do you deal with a country if there is no specific historical data?

If there is not enough historical data for a specific country, we group statistics of a certain region to provide you with solid and relevant data.

Is it possible to access industry and country statistics without completing your specialized form?

Yes. Our industry and country statistics are available for all premium subscribers without having to complete the specialized form. Simply choose your desired industry and country and get all related statistics in a matter of seconds! Please bear in mind that each time you search for specific country or industry statistics, you use up a valuation scenario.

What is COVID-19 statistics?

As the COVID-19 outbreak affected the majority of the world's businesses, we provide special industry and country statistics during the pandemic, so that you can be more flexible and adapt your business plan to the current situation.