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Startup Falcon Valuation Calculator
The Science Behind the Tool.
We’ll valuate your startup using our industry’s four
most-recognized qualitative methods
Risk Mitigation Method
Assigns monetary values for each risk-reducing achievement completed by the startup.
Checklist Method
Benchmarks your results against best practices in the same industry and location.
Step-Up Method
Assigns monetary values for each achievement accomplished by the startup.
Scorecard Method
Benchmarks against average valuation in the same industry and location.
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By using multiple valuation methods, startup founders and investors can properly prepare for valuation negotiations and truly illuminate the progress of the startup, the capability of the founding team, and ultimately a good target value for the startup.
Stephen Poland, the author of Founder’s Pocket Guide: Startup Valuation
Startup Falcon is a critical tool for every startup. The detailed valuation gave us great confidence in negotiating with partners and making better strategic decisions. I highly recommend utilizing it.
Hamzeh Ghosheh, the Founder and CEO of Naviatx.
We have used Startup Falcon's valuation service while finalizing our last funding deal. The detailed valuation, along with benchmark data, helped Receet, Inc. secure a fair deal quickly and efficiently.
Omar Barkawi, the Founder and CEO of Receet, Inc.
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